For years, I woke up every morning prepared to fight. My opponent was fear. And, sadly, most days fear won.

But about a year ago I had huge breakthrough in this area. I don’t want to say that I beat fear for good. I do have the occasional “off day.” But I did take him down. He definitely doesn’t have the same hold on me that he once had.

A few months ago, I was here on my website going through my old blog posts. As I read all the posts starting with my first one on fear all the way to my last, I was astounded at how far God has brought me in this area. It wasn’t something that happened over night. It took time. God was gracious in this journey, piecing out truth after truth until I could see the big picture.

I wanted to write my story down. At first it was just for me to see it all on paper. To understand all that God had taught me at a deeper level. But now I want to share it with you. Many of my readers have shared that they also deal with fear and anxiety. My prayer is that in reading my story, you will find hope and healing.

At the very least, you’ll know you’re not alone.


PEACE OUT: How I kicked fear to the curb

Release date: September 19

Cover: Emily Wittig of Wittig Designs and Photography

In 2013, Amber Garza was living her dream as a full-time romance author. She was happy, healthy and hopeful about her future. Until an unexplained illness caused her to spiral into years of fear, depression, anxiety and worry.

Fear and worry were not strangers to her. She’d wrestled with them her entire life, but never to this extent. It caused her to doubt God. Her faith. Her beliefs.

But eventually, she gained a peace she’d never experienced before. She’d been searching for assurance that God would heal her physically, but God wanted to give her a deeper assurance.

Told in stories, reflections and blog posts, PEACE OUT is a story of redemption, unfailing love and breakthrough.


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