HOME RUN HEART released!

Home Run Heart_preview

HOME RUN HEART is live!!


Abby befriended me, took me in off the streets, and gave me a place to live. But I’m betraying her by sneaking around with her older brother.
It wasn’t planned. I didn’t mean to fall for him, but it was impossible not to.
Cameron is unlike anyone I’ve met before. He’s the first guy who’s looked at me like I’m a person, not a charity case or someone to use. I’ve never had a home, but in Cameron’s arms I finally know what one feels like.
But if Abby finds out about us, I’ll be back on the streets. Is Cameron worth risking everything for?

HOME RUN HEART includes forbidden romance, love from across the tracks, a shy heroine, a sweet hero, and all the feels.



Fans of my Playing for Keeps and Make the Play series will love HOME RUN HEART!


Home Run Heart - 3D Display_preview


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