A Letter of Apology

The words “I’m sorry” have never been easy for me. According to my parents, it was like pulling teeth to get me to say it as a child. As an adult, it took years before I could easily say it to my husband or children. And I sometimes still struggle with it when it comes to friendships. I’ve never been entirely sure why it’s hard. The only reason I can think is that it’s like admitting defeat, or admitting I’m wrong.  Neither of those things appeal to me.

But it’s important to be able to apologize. I’m very fortunate to have a loving husband who has taught me the blessing in saying I’m sorry. And I feel that I’ve grown considerably in this area.

And on that note, I feel I owe you an apology. My husband reminded me last night that it’s been over a month since I last blogged. So for that I’m sorry. I haven’t meant to ignore you. I’ve just been busy.

The main reason I’ve been busy is because I was furiously writing PLAY HARD. I finally finished it last week, after several weeks of practically tearing my hair out. That book was definitely a labor of love. Most books flow easily for me. The characters usually drag me along at a steady pace. But with PLAY HARD there were many days when I struggled. Many days I pounded each word out at a painstakingly slow pace. And it’s not because I didn’t love the characters, or because I didn’t connect with them. I think it’s because the plot was a little controversial and I spent a lot of time worried that readers wouldn’t like it. Or worse, wouldn’t get it. But in the end,  I believe in the story line. It felt authentic and real to me. And more importantly, I know it was what God wanted me to write. Therefore, I kept it, and I hope you like it.

The other reason I was busy is because I’ve had a ton of personal stuff going on. My son had his wisdom teeth out a couple of weeks ago, my daughter has had some health stuff (nothing serious), and I did something bad to my ankle that slowed me down a little. I’m telling ya, getting old is not the best.

I anticipate the remainder of December to be busy since we have Christmas and then my birthday. But hopefully I’ll be able to dive into PLAY NICE. Also, I have a secret project I’d like to start work on.

And I promise to be more active on here. I’ll check in sometime later in December.

Until then, happy reading!







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