Why I dyed my hair pink at 37

I went through a rebellious stage in my teen years. However, I know that’s not earth- shattering or unique. I think every teenager goes through this phase. As the mom of teenagers, I can attest to that. But my rebellion started with things I could control – clothes, makeup and hair. I went through many hair colors during this stage – black, burgundy, red, brown.

But other than the rebellious stage in high school and a short period of time after my son was born when I attempted to match his hair color, I’ve been blond.

Over the years I’ve worn many shades of blond:

Platinum in my early twenties. The whiter the better. I can still remember the smell of bleach and the way it tingled when it burned my scalp.

Dirty blond during my pregnancies because I couldn’t use bleach.

And, most recently, blond with chunky brown low-lights.

My haircut hasn’t changed much either. For at least the past ten years, I’ve worn it primarily long and straight.


You see, I’m not a risk taker. I don’t think outside of the box or venture out of my comfort zone much. If you’ve followed my writing journey you probably find this hard to believe. So let me clarify that writing is the only exception. I have taken risks and stepped out of my comfort zone in regards to my writing. But that only proves how much I wanted to be an author, how much that dream meant to me. In my personal life, I’m a “go with the flow” type of person. I don’t like to make waves. I don’t like to draw attention to myself or be put on the spot.

But God has been challenging me in this area. He’s been putting me in places where I’m forced outside of my comfort zone.  I’m becoming more bold, more courageous. And I find myself caring less what others think of me.

And that’s why I dyed my hair pink.

Well, not really pink – rose gold.

It all started because I wanted to do something different with my hair. Recently, I’ve stepped out in regards to my wardrobe. If you missed it, you can read that post here. And I felt like it was time to do the same with my hair.

So I took to Pinterest. Where else, right? That’s where I found the rose gold trend, and I fell in love with it. However, I didn’t think I could pull it off. I worried that others would think I was too old, or trying to hard, or that it wasn’t me (the perception of me that they have).

Blake-Lively_large - rose gold

I disqualified myself for something I wanted before I even allowed myself to ponder the possibility.

rose gold1

And that was wrong.


Luckily, I wised up and realized it was my hair and I could do what I wanted with it. And I’m so glad I did. I love the rose gold low-lights. It helps that my hairdresser, Michelle Tallman, is the best! She did an incredible job.

And the truth is, it suits me.


Every time I look in the mirror, I’m reminded to be comfortable in my own skin regardless of what others think.


Fortunately, everyone has been super supportive. No one has said I’m too old or trying too hard. Everyone loves it. And it makes me wonder how many other times I’ve projected my feelings of self-doubt onto other people.


So, girls, don’t make my same mistake. Don’t take 37 years to figure this out. Embrace who you are. Love who you are. And, most importantly, be true to who you are.


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