When it’s time for a change

I know some people hate change. They’ll hold on to the way things are whether it’s working or not. I’m not like that. In fact, it’s safe to say that I like change. I embrace it even. Sometimes it’s in small ways like a change in my hairstyle or makeup. Other times it’s larger changes like when I quit my job to write full-time.

A change that I’ve known I needed to make for awhile pertains to my writing. About a year ago I met two characters -Jade and Kyler – and I fell completely in love. You’ve probably heard me say it before, but writing BREAK FREE has been my favorite experience writing a book ever. This book haunted my dreams, pulsed through my veins, swam in my mind, consumed my thoughts. I lived, ate and breathed this book throughout the entire writing process. I never had that experience prior to writing BREAK FREE and I haven’t had it since. This book is still my favorite. The problem is that it’s different than my others. It’s darker, it’s more suspenseful, the writing style is more lyrical. And so it hasn’t sold great. I think part of the problem has been the cover. While I loved the original cover, it looked more like a contemporary romance, whereas I wanted the cover to look more like a romantic suspense. So I finally decided to have BREAK FREE and BREAK THROUGH redone.

Now that I’ve seen the new covers I know I made the right choice. Matt from the Cover Lure did an amazing job. The covers are perfect!



The new covers are currently available in kindle only but the paperbacks should be ready by next week.




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