The many faces of release day!

After twenty-plus book releases, I’ve realized that they never really get easier….or different. Today I feel the exact same way I did when I released my first book three years ago. I’m a ball of energy, filled with excitement, trepidation, doubt, worry, elation. It’s the weirdest range of emotions. But mostly I feel grateful. Grateful to those who have shared and bought my book or have helped in any way to make this release possible. Even after all this time it’s still surreal to me that anyone reads my books. And the fact that I’ve already hit #1 in sports romances in one night is just icing on the cake! For so long, becoming a published author was a dream that I never thought would come true. And now that it has I feel blessed every moment of everyday. So thank you for making this release, and all my other ones, so fabulous!



Despite my trepidation, FOR THE RUSH is available now for purchase in kindle.

This is a book I’ve been dying to write for awhile. There is a girl in my son’s marching band who is funny, outgoing and pretty. I love her bubbly personality and her confidence. And ever since I met her, I’ve wanted to write about a girl like that. In my other books where the “nerdy” girl gets the “popular” boy, the girl is shy and quiet, insecure. I wanted to do something different with this one. Mostly because I don’t think we are always what people perceive us to be. In high school I was never the popular girl, but the truth is that I did like myself. I liked the way I looked, liked my personality. Just because other people didn’t think I was something special, didn’t mean I wasn’t. In high school kids can be cruel. And oftentimes they don’t think about the effect their cruelty really has on other people.

This book started out as a straight romance, but like all of my books, it took on a life of its own at some point. And I’m happy with where it went. I hope you are too.


Click here to purchase your copy today!


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