Cover Reveal – FOR THE RUSH (Playing for Keeps #3)

FOR THE RUSH (Playing for Keeps #3) Standalone football romance
Release date: March 2015
Graphic artist: Kris Pittman


Chloe Martin, Band Geek.

Holden Reece, Popular Jock.

These are their labels. But it’s not who they are.

Chloe Martin loves music. It’s her passion. But being involved in the school band offers more heartache than fulfillment.

Football defines Holden Reece. It always has. He wins football games – not for himself, but for everyone else.

A random encounter at the gym throws Chloe and Holden together. Stripped of their labels they are able to be themselves. With social statuses and expectations set aside, a relationship begins to blossom.

But when they return to school can they abandon the roles that have been forced on them in order to embrace the rush of being together?




And the the full wrap:




One thought on “Cover Reveal – FOR THE RUSH (Playing for Keeps #3)

  1. I finally got to read For The Rush. Minus the shooting, you nailed my life in high school. I was the smart band member who was teased, picked on and verbally bullied. I even dated a football player. The difference was I was the one who wasn’t believed and ended up losing him because of it.. Thanks for putting an every day occurrence in writing.

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