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Happy Valentine’s Day!

This bonus scene is from the Alphas’ honeymoon, which takes place at the same time as the end of Infinite Harmony, the second book in the Shifters & Seers series.

Timber Wolves Cover SMALL

“Let’s become Canadians,” I said, stretching out on the blanket we’d been using for our picnic. Sunlight filtered through the trees, warming my skin without turning me into a lobster. The wind whispered through the grass and small animals scurried about in the underbrush, but for the most part, the world was quiet. The background noise I constantly had to block out at home was gone. No cars. No televisions. We were miles from civilization, and at that moment, I couldn’t be happier to leave it all behind.

            “I’m already a Canadian,” Liam reminded me as he tickled the inside of my arm with a blade of grass. “And technically, now that you’re my wife, you’re a Canadian, too.”


I was someone’s wife.

How in the Hades had that happened?

Well, I know how it happened. It was kinda hard to miss the wedding. It’s not every day I slip on a designer gown, stand in front of hundreds of important Shifters and Seers from around the world, and legally bind my life to another human being. What I can’t figure out is how I, Scout Donovan, found myself married to anyone, least of all Liam Freaking Cole.

Two arms, thick with muscles, bracketed my head.  “You’re freaking out again, aren’t you?” Liam asked. His face was all serious business, but he couldn’t keep the laughter out of his eyes.

“I’m not freaking out,” I said, following the line of stubble clinging to his jawline with my finger. “Why do you always think I’m going freak out.”

This time the laughter made it’s way to his throat. I could feel the vibration in my hand, and it quickly spread to other, more sensitive parts of my anatomy.

“Hmmm… Why would I think you would freak out over something like getting married? I mean, you’ve always been so calm and rational about this sort of thing before.”

I tried to glare at him, but it was hard when all I wanted to do was pull his head down to mine and kiss him until we were both gasping for breath. It was crazy. We’d been together for three years. You would think I would have had my fill of him by now, but it was like my need to be near him, to touch him, grew stronger and stronger with every passing day.

“I am always calm and rational. Have you met me? I am the epitome of calm and rational.”

Liam dipped his head and chuckled against my neck as he placed some much-appreciated kisses there.


“Keep telling yourself that, Lilith,” he muttered against my collarbone before trailing his kisses even lower. Or at least he tried to trail his kisses down even lower. His mission was cut short by my growl.

“Don’t. Call. Me. Lilith.” The words were guttural, a sure sign my wolf was dangerously close to the surface, but instead of being properly afraid, my idiot husband laughed again.

“The epitome of calm and rational,” he said before catching my mouth in a crushing kiss. I would have been mad at him for taking advantage of my wolf’s instincts to keep me from giving a proper rebuttal, but I was too busy enjoying the slide of his tongue against mine.

Things were just getting interesting when I heard a familiar “knock” in my head. As the Alpha Female, I’m able to connect with any Seer in the world at any time through a special brain-to-brain communication system. Since Liam and I decided to honeymoon at our cabin in the Canadian wilderness where we first fell in love, we were unreachable by phone. There was only one Seer I’d given permission to contact me while we were away, and she understood that it was an emergency-use-only privilege.

Liam pulled away at the same moment I moved to sit up. The connection between mates isn’t the same as the direct-brain-dial I share with Seers, but he still always knows what I need. At that moment, I needed a clear head, and the only way to achieve that was if he stopped touching me.

“What’s wrong, Talley?” I asked, skipping all the pointless niceties. If Talley was interrupting my honeymoon – the honeymoon I had to postpone for a month due to all the crazy that went down at my wedding – something was very, very wrong. Hellos and how-do-you-dos would only waste time.

“Angel is okay,” she said, knowing the dark, terrifying path my thoughts had already sprinted down. “But Lizzie and Layne…”

There was a hiccup in our connection, and I knew it was because she was crying. Something was happening to my heart and lungs. Something constrictive and painful. Lizzie and Layne were the youngest official members of the Alpha Pack. Lizzie had become like a little sister to me, and I had known Layne since he was a screaming infant.

“Lizzie and Layne what?”

“They were on their way to camp and someone was following them. Lizzie called Jase just before the other car started shooting.”

Liam’s arms wrapped around me and pulled me against his chest.

“Tell me they’re okay, Talley.”

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m so sorry, but you need you to come home. Now.”

IH small cover

Find out Lizzie and Layne’s fate in Whispered Visions, coming September 2015!


Tammy Blackwell is a Young Adult Librarian from Kentucky and the author of the bestselling Timber Wolves and Shifters & Seers series. You can visit her online at http://www.misstammywrites.com.


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