What’s next?

Ever since I finished CUTS RUN DEEP, I’ve been brainstorming what to do next. I have a great idea for a new suspense novel, and you know how much I love writing those. The problem is that my sweet teen romances tend to sell a lot better than my suspense novels, which leads me to believe that the romances are what my readers want. Also, CUTS RUN DEEP drained me emotionally. It was an intense one for me to write, and I sort of need a breather.

One thing you probably don’t know about me is that both of my brothers are baseball players. In fact, my youngest brother plays professional baseball. He’s a pitcher for the Railcats. My other brother played all through high school and now coaches at the high school level. So, I’ve always wanted to write a baseball themed book. With that in mind, I decided to write a series of stand-alone sports romances. The first one will center around baseball and be titled FOR THE WIN.

playing for keeps



London Miller has one best friend.


She lives in the pages of the books she reads, preferring the safety of fictional worlds over the dark and scary reality of her own life. Books aren’t her escape…they’re her salvation.

Cooper Montgomery has one true love.


When he’s on the mound, throwing a pitch, the darkness of his world fades away. The game is something he can control, something he can count on.

A twist of fate brings London and Cooper together, a curve ball that forces them both outside of their comfort zones. As they spend time together, a relationship begins to blossom and both of them start to believe that there just might be something bright and beautiful in their lives.

However, the game changes when your heart is on the line. You have to play with everything you have for the win.


After writing FOR THE WIN, I plan to write a suspense novel called THE LAST TIME I SAW HER. Here’s a little teaser for that.


That’s what’s coming for the next few months. Of course it’s all subject to change at the leading of the voices in my head, but most likely I will stick to it.


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