Harried Housewives, Extreme Makeovers, First kisses and Summer Romance…..

I bet you’re wondering what Harried housewives, extreme makeovers, first kisses and summer romance have to do with one another. Nothing really, except that they encompass my next few novels.  I just finished writing BREAK THROUGH and it will release next week. Blurb and cover picture below:

At the age of eight, Aspen Fairchild is kidnapped. Taken hostage by a man she trusts. Five years later she escapes, vowing never to trust another man. Now she’s an adult and she’s kept the promise she made to herself as a child, keeping men at a distance.

Carter Johnston is talented and charming. A photographer well known for his ability to capture the true essence of his subjects. When Carter is assigned to photograph Aspen for an article in a prominent magazine, the connection between them is undeniable.

Aspen is drawn to Carter’s charm and artistic ability. As they grow closer, the walls Aspen has built around her heart for years begin to crumble. Until she finds a photograph in Carter’s house which catapults her back to her time in captivity. A photograph Carter shouldn’t have.

Will the truth cause her to shut down or will he finally break through?

BreakThrough_ebooksmThe truth is that I’ve enjoyed writing the darker, mysterious romances like BREAK FREE and BREAK THROUGH. But I understand that it’s summer, time for beachy romance reads, and so I’ve decided to release a cute teen summer romance called THE SUMMER WE FELL. I have the cover and it’s gorgeous. I will reveal it soon! But there are a couple of other books that have also been calling my name. If you’ve been following me long then you know that I have several novels that have never been published. Two of them were chick lit, and while I loved them so much, I’ve never known if they would sell well. The chick lit genre was huge when I wrote them but then it kind of tanked. However, lately I’ve been noticing some chick lit titles floating around and I feel like it’s making a little bit of a comeback. I figure it’s summertime so quirky, lighthearted novels might be just what my readers need. So, I’ve pulled out CONFESSIONS OF A HARRIED HOUSEWIFE and ABANDONING ALICE and I’m re-working them. Hopefully they will release in the next couple of months. I hope you enjoy them!! The blurb for CONFESSIONS OF A HARRIED HOUSEWIFE is below!

When Caitlyn Randall catches her husband out with another woman she decides to shed her harried housewife image to become a suburban diva. Following the tips from a magazine article she’s determined to go from frumpy to fabulous in five easy steps.

Only nothing is easy for Caitlyn.

No matter how hard Caitlyn tries, she screws up. Her romantic evenings get ruined, and her attempts at becoming Suzy Homemaker are thwarted by her children’s anecdotes causing the perfect preschool moms to look down their noses at her. If that isn’t enough, she has to fend off the beautiful paralegal that is after her attorney husband, and stop her best friend from dating her married co-worker.

Will Caitlyn be successful in her quest for fabulousness or is she destined to remain a harried housewife forever? 

Be on the lookout for all the titles! Oh, and if you haven’t read HEAD ABOVE WATER, BREAK FREE or STAR STRUCK now is your chance. All three will be on sale June 19-22 as part of the Summer Book Crush!

Happy reading!




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