Author Branding

I have 18 books published! 18! Isn’t that crazy? Well, technically 2 of them are short stories and 2 are novellas, but still. Sometimes I can hardly believe I have that many books out. The problem with my books is that they are not all in the same genre. You see, I’m a little ADD with my writing. In my mind I always have tons of story ideas going at the same time. As a rule, I choose to write the book that is speaking loudest to me at the moment. I haven’t always thought about the genre when I pick a book to work on. I just pick the story that I want to explore. I chose the characters I’m most invested in. That’s why I currently have a series of Christian teen thrillers, an adult mystery/suspense novel, a paranormal series, 2 teen contemporary romances, 4 new adult contemporary romances, and 1 new adult, dark, mysterious romance. The problem with this plethora of genres is that it’s sometimes hard to market them. They are all vastly different from one another. However, one thing they all have in common (other than Engraved) is they have a strong romance element.

So I’ve decided it’s time to brand myself instead of trying to figure out how to market one individual book at a time. My hope is that if you love one of my books you will love them all, even if they are in different genres. They all have a strong romance element and they are written in a similar style and feel. In order to get this point across I’ve come up with a little tag line for myself. You can see it in my logo below:

Amber Garza_logo


And that’s true. I am addicted to love. I am a self-proclaimed romance addict. And I suspect if you read my books, then you are too! You probably can’t get enough of first love and first kisses. I’m sure you swoon over book boyfriends, and get butterflies in your stomach when the couple in your book gets together finally. Well, I do too. And that’s what my books are all about. They’re about love. About romance. About first kisses and fighting for the one you want to be with. My characters are often tortured and have a lot to overcome, but in the end love always conquers all.

So that’s what this blog will be about – love and romance.

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Thanks for coming along with me on this journey of love and romance!





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