Delaney’s Gift Series Makeover (and final book)

I feel like I’ve been writing about Delaney and Sam forever. And in reality I have been writing about them for years. The story first started several years ago when I participated in the 3 Day Novel Contest. The contest takes place over Labor Day weekend. You have from midnight on Thursday to midnight on Monday to write a complete novel. I decided to write a modern day retelling of Samson and Delilah in the bible. In that story Sam was truly a bad guy and Delaney was good. Sam seduces Delaney, cuts her hair and takes her gift. The story didn’t win, and I ended up shelving it, thinking I’d revisit it at some point. A couple years later, I decided to pull out the story, tweak it a little and make it YA.  I decided to set the story in a fictional world and make Delaney a warrior sworn to protect that town.  Then I added in nine other warriors each with different gifts, and that’s how the Delaney’s Gift Series was born. Originally I planned for Sam to be a bad guy even in this series. But as I wrote him, I started to fall for him, and that’s when he softened and changed. I can honestly say that Sam is my first true book boyfriend. I hope you have loved him too.

The last book in the series will release this week and it’s bittersweet for me. I will miss Delaney, Sam, Micah, Ariel, Jax and the rest of the warriors. But I’m glad that their story has resolved and I’m happy that the series is complete. In honor of the last book coming out, my graphic artist and I decided to remake all the covers – give them a little bit more magic. So here are the new covers, starting with Betray! My graphic artist, Lisa Eneqvist did a great job, Renae Lamb’s picture is lovely, and my model Brittany Norris is perfect as always.




If you haven’t started this series yet, you can get Dazzle for free at any online retailer!


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