A Secret Fate by Susan Griscom

A Secret Fate1 copy


“Well, fate was cruel, wasn’t it?”

Cael and Addison’s fate has taken an unexpected turn.

Gerry, Addie and Cael almost captured Careen’s murderer only to lose Cael in the battle—a battle that nearly cost him his life. But despite his survival, he faces a new challenge, thanks to Gerry’s handiwork: will Cael remember Addie or is their love lost with him?

Addie’s family and friends think she should keep the relationship a secret from Cael so he isn’t forced into feelings he can’t remember. Just what she needs, more secrets and on top of everything else, someone stole the crystal. How is she supposed to get over the loss of her lover, a lover she’d barely had for only a few short months and deal with the secret of the lost crystal at the same time?

Aiden wants nothing more than to help Addie overcome her grief and get over Cael. Or is that all he wants? What happens when too many people know the secret and someone slips up?

My Review:

I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of this book. After reading Whisper Cape and Reflections I was anxious to find out what happened with Cael and Addie and Maia and Gerry. Reflections ended with a cliffhanger so I just had to know where Cael went and if he made it back to Addie.

This book didn’t disappoint. Cael was just as swoon-worthy as he was in the last two books. Maia and Gerry were just as cute as always. There was a lot of mystery and suspense as in the other two books. And the ending was satisfying and wrapped everything up nicely.

I highly recommend this series. They are hot, sexy reads with heart-pumping suspense and a great mystery!



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