Ack! Brand New Covers!

The Prowl Trilogy was my first published series. The books are spooky teen Christian thrillers revolving around a seventeen-year-old girl named Kenzie who gets herself involved in something very evil. I always have to be so vague when relating what these books are about because there is so much mystery behind them, and I don’t want to spoil it for any potential readers. I wrote the books after going through a period of time where I read Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti almost exclusively. I loved their bone chilling stories and the fact that I couldn’t sleep a wink after finishing one of their books. But I also loved how each of their stories leaves you with a sense of hope. I wanted to do the same, but for teenagers, so Prowl, Entice and Unveil were born.

However, as I continued to write other books and moved into other genres this series has taken a back seat. It’s not one I market much and sometimes it gets lost in the shuffle. Recently I decided to give the books a little makeover in hopes of reviving the series a little.

Hope you enjoy the covers as much as I do!

Cover design: White Rabbit Designs and Creations


And below you can take a look at the full wraps. Paperbacks will be available sometime in the next couple of weeks.





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