Tuesday Teaser!

Today we have a teaser from DEMANDING RANSOM by Megan Squires! I read an ARC of this book and it was amazing! The novel is a contemporary romance and releases later this month. Enjoy!

“Maggie?” Ran slides his helmet up and then reaches over to lift mine off. My hair spills onto my shoulders and I shake it out, but my fingers still clamp tightly to Ran’s torso. “Maggie, we’re here. You can let go now. That is, unless you don’t want to.”
I pry my hands loose. “Promise me I’ll never have to do that again?”
“No girl has ever said that to me,” he flashes a wide grin. “About anything. They always beg for more.”
“Your overconfidence is beginning to wear on me.” I shove my helmet into his stomach and scoot past him toward the restaurant entrance, my shoes making intentionally loud crunching noises on the concrete walkway. I hope the irritating sound effectively conveys my own irritation with him right now.
“If by that you mean I’m starting to wear you down, then that’s exactly the point.”
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