Friday Teaser?

So, this week didn’t go as planned! If you know me well, then you know that my creative brain has a difficult time getting organized. You also know that I take on too much, and usually drop the ball at some point. Well, that’s what happened Tuesday. I was supposed to post a teaser for the lovely Airicka Phoenix, but then I had an author event and my husband was on a business trip, and next thing I know it’s Friday! Ugh. But you don’t want you to miss out on Airicka’s teaser…so I decided to post a Friday teaser! This is from Games of Fire. Enjoy!

games of fire“Will I see you tomorrow?” she asked as they walked up her driveway to the door.
Spencer stopped several feet from the porch and turned to her. “I don’t know.” He smoothed back strands of hair that were caught in the breeze, drifting across her face. “I have to see what Mom’s doing.”
She’d nearly forgotten about the annihilation of their car. “I’ll save you a seat if you do.”
He grinned. “That sounds remarkably like a bribe.”
Sophie laughed. “It might be.”
In a single fluid motion, he closed the space separating them and snaked his arms around her waist, anchoring and pulling her into him. “And what else?”
She raised an eyebrow. “You mean sitting next to me isn’t enough?”
He moved his shoulder in a shrug. “I’m very greedy.”
Warm fingers of electricity rippled down her spine. “What else do you want?”
All traces of playfulness seemed to melt into something primal, something dark and hungry to match the intensity in his eyes. His arms became bands of steel, caging her to him. Lips curved into a smirk worthy of a wolf lowered to hers. “Dangerous words, Blondie.”
Then he kissed her with a greed that made her wish they were back in his room, bodies interlocked on his bed. Every nerve ending in her body sizzled. Her toes curled. She was burning and melting and needing him to keep her up. She was about to ask him if he wanted to try and sneak into her room when the night was torn by a sharp pop that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere. In her arms, Spencer jerked. He hissed in pain as he clutched at his right thigh.

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