Tuesday Teaser!

Today we are so lucky to have a teaser from ETHEREAL by Alivia Anders! Enjoy…

ehtereal“Say I don’t believe you,” Rinae challenged, pursing her lips. Thoughts of fanged freaks and balls of fire tossed in her head. “What happens? I take it I can’t just walk away from this.”

His shrug said she could, but his eyes contradicted the nonchalant action. “You could walk away, but you’d try to find me within days, that I can promise you.” He sized her up, eye-balling her critically until she folded her arms over her chest in irritation. “At the rate your powers are developing, you’ll attract every supernatural creature in a fifty mile radius. If you don’t learn to control it and use it right.”

There was a way to control her fire? Rinae’s head began to spin faster, looping like a carousel on high speed. Her mind reveled; was it really possible to master the very complication that plagued her? Or was it a ploy by the mystery boy, luring her to something deeper?

“More will come,” Tegen continued, running a hand through his short black locks. “Now that you can see past the glamours.”

Glamours? Rinae pinched the bridge of her nose, willing the spiraling inside her skull to stop.

A scowl tugged her lips in an ungraceful manner. “So what, this is how it works?” She tossed her hands in the air, beginning to pace in small circles. “You tell me there’s a world of freaks out there, and I’m supposed to accept that on a whim?”

Examining his nails with disinterest, Tegen kept his face down. Only the edges of his mouth, tipping upward in a petty attempt to fight a grin, were visible. Humor colored his voice. “Perhaps.”

“Because that’s what you’re doing. You, the person I know absolutely nothing about,” she brought her hands down over her face, pressing her palms into her tired eyes. “Are trying to get me to believe that the myths and fairy tales are true. Are you high?”

A sliver of laughter slips from Tegen’s tightened lips. “Well, when you put it like that, I guess I am trying to get you to believe. But something tells me you already did before I came along.”

Rinae’s hands slid off her face, revealing narrowed eyes as thin as knife slits in a bed-sheet. Saying she had believed in magic long before him would give him a smug satisfaction. Saying she didn’t believe at this point would make her a liar. Neither settled well with her.

Tilting her head up to the sky, she let out an exasperated breath. “Great. Next you’ll be telling me unicorns live in the park.”


Her head snapped down instantly, anger blushing her cheeks. “Don’t. Don’t even go there.”

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