Why They Aren’t Just Characters to Me

2013 started off rough. One week into the year, I started having dizzy spells, fatigue and fevers. The doctors weren’t quite sure what was wrong, so they ran labs and tests to determine what the issue was. Labs and tests came back good. Then I started having some ear pain and pressure, so they assumed it was a viral inner ear infection. Since it’s viral there is no cure and it just goes away on it’s own, but it can last for many months. After a month spent mostly in bed feeling terrible, I finally regained my appetite and energy, which was a total blessing. However, the lightheadedness and ear pain continued. So, I finallly saw an ENT last week and this week I had some further testing – a VNG test and an MRI – and I should have results by the middle of next week. I have now been lightheaded for 2 months, and it has not been fun.

However, it hasn’t been all bad. Luckily, I no longer work outside the home so I haven’t had to worry about missing work. In fact, I’ve written more in the last two months than I had for the several months prior to getting this. The reason is because when I’m with my characters I forget that I’m sick. I can lose myself in Asher and Ivy’s drama, or hang out in a club with Star and Beckett listening to their band perform, or fight the Sarafites with Delaney and Sam, or travel back to high school with Hadley and Tripp. My character’s voices have been so loud, that I recently found myself writing not one, but three novels at once. I think I’ve gotten back down to one at a time now though. I wrote the entirety of FALLING TO PIECES while sick, and finished editing SHATTER. I also started STAR STRUCK, BETRAY and TRIPPING ME UP. It’s been crazy! But honestly I’m so grateful to Asher, Ivy, Delaney, Sam, Star, Beckett, Hadley and Tripp, because they have made the last two months fly by and they’ve actually made them enjoyable.

That’s why they aren’t just characters to me. They’re my friends, my co-workers, my escape, they’re who I spend all day with.  To me, they feel like real people. My fellow author friends will totally get this, while many of my other friends will wonder why I haven’t been admitted to a mental institution yet.

 I appreciate all of my readers, facebook and twitter followers. I know many of you have been praying for me! I will keep you posted. But for now, I’m going to go hang out with Star and Beckett. They’re working on a song together and I’m anxious to hear it!


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