Tuesday Teaser!

I don’t need to tease you with SHATTER anymore because it released in kindle today. The paperback should release on Thursday, February 28. You can get DAZZLE and SHATTER for only $0.99 for the next two days, so pick up your copy now!


Our teaser today comes from one of my favorite authors, Megan Squires. RECRUITED, the sequel to TRACED will release beginning of March. If you haven’t read TRACED yet, you need to pick up your copy today! Here is a little taste of RECRUITED!!

recruitedI’d always thought kissing was something that would become routine—something that if done over and over again with the same
person would lose its appeal, would be less mind-altering, would become mundane. But that’s not the case as his mouth roves over mine, exploring my lips like they’re brand new to him, like he’s acquainting himself with their pressure, their taste, their shape. Though the memory of his mouth has a comforting familiarity, the anticipation of what he’ll do next lights fireworks
in my stomach. Each movement of his full lips, each variation in heaviness and weight, holds my breath in my lungs, which only escapes in short, quick gasps every time he pulls away and then presses in for another kiss.

“I love you,” I say, tangling my fingers around his neck. It’s the most effortless thing I’ve ever said, the most natural thing I’ve ever done. Loving him is instinctual. And being here with him in this moment feels right, like everything between us has been leading up to this. Like this is the culmination of us. “I love you,” I say again, pausing to gather confidence. “I’ve always loved you. It’s always been you.”

Look for RECRUITED, coming out soon!!


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