Tuesday Teaser!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00037] Shatter, the sequel to Dazzle will release at the end of this month. So I’m giving you a couple of teasers from it. Enjoy!

Unedited scene, but I’m not telling who’s POV it’s from:

Her fingers close around my wrist and they feel so soft.

I move closer to her, as if being pulled by some magnetic force. I gently cup her chin with my hand and draw her face to mine. She steps forward and places her other hand on my waist. I tilt my head and cover her mouth with mine. She tastes sweet, and her lips are warm and silky. For the first time since Delaney went missing, I feel the tension in my body dissipate. It’s like as I kiss her, I am surrendering some of my fears and stress to her. It’s as if she’s breathing life into me. I sweep my hand up and cradle the back of her head. Our kiss becomes more firm and I drink her in, breathing deeply. The hand that holds my wrist grips me tighter and her nails pierce my flesh.

Just then a knock on the door interrupts us. I release her and stagger backward. She opens her eyes, looking as if she’s coming out of a daze. Reality crashes into me and I feel guilty for my momentary lack of control.

Unedited scene from Delaney’s POV:

Hands brush over my arms and legs, and I feel the harsh material of the straps as the close over my wrists and ankles. Claustrophobia kicks in when I realize I’m trapped, and I worry that I’ll hyperventilate. So I draw in deep breaths and keep my gaze trained on the syringe. No way am I letting him stick me with whatever that is.

“W-what is that?”

Killian’s wicked smile returns. “It’s a little something our chemists have been working on.”

“You have chemists here?” I smirk, despite the fear I feel inside. I figure if I continue to act fearless maybe I can trick my mind.  “So, you mean some of you actually have brains? I just assumed all of you were goons.”

Narrowing his black eyes, Killian bends down until his face is mere inches from mine. “I don’t really think you’re in any position to be a smartass, princess.”


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