Tuesday Teaser!

Today I have two lovely ladies gracing my blog! We will get to read a teaser from Cambria Hebert and Cameo Renae!

Cambria’s teaser is for her upcoming release, RECALLED. Enjoy!

Recalled by Cambria Hebert-bookone ebooksm“He wanted to know my secrets. I almost told him. I almost told him everything. Lying out there in the Alaskan snow hadn’t been cold. It was warm. We’d never been that close before. Sure, I always felt a little pull between us, but tonight it seemed stronger I felt like I might get a glimpse of the man he seemed to hide.
I almost admitted my secrets. I thought about it. But I knew in that moment I wouldn’t be able to stop at one. They all would’ve come tumbling out of my mouth. The way he looked at me through the dark… I could feel his stare. And even though my hands were gloved, I swear I could feel the heat of his skin against mine.
For a moment, when he touched my cheek, I thought he might kiss me, lay his lips upon mine, and that the northern lights would’ve become just background to the show of colors and feelings swirling within me.
But something held him back. Just as something held me back.
I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but I wanted to find it. I wanted to erase it so the only thing between us was the beating of our hearts and the barrier of our skin.”
~Piper from Recalled.

Release date – 2.15.13


Cambria Hebert
Author of the Heven and Hell Series and the upcoming Death Escorts
Cameo’s Teaser is from IN MY DREAMS, available now!

in my dream“You promise you’ll be with me?” I asked, gazing into his eyes.

Yes,” he beamed. “I will be with you, and there is nothing in heaven, or hell, that can keep me away. You might not be able to see me, but I promise… I will be there.” His words were sure and unwavering. I suddenly felt a sense of peace, even if it was in the smallest measure. Just knowing that Michael would be there for me, even if it was in spirit, gave me a glimmer of hope.

I felt like my whole existence was to be with him. That out of all the millions of people in this huge world, we were meant to find each other. But one man, one murderer, one selfish drug addict, ripped that part away from me… The part that kept me breathing… The part that kept me… me. A loving, caring, beautiful life, stolen away much too early.

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Website: http://cameorenae.com





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