Tuesday Teaser!

Today we are so lucky here at Tuesday Teaser because we have an excerpt from the lovely Airicka Phoenix!! After that, I have a short teaser from SHATTER, where I’ll introduce you to a new Ekloge Warrior….

BannerTeaser from TOUCHING ETERNITY by Airicka Phoenix!!

He opened her door and paused. “Someone will retrieve you for supper.” Another pause. “Don’t embarrass me this time, Amalie.”

The click of the door shutting, the snick of the lock latching into place, sealed her in with his words. It locked her in with her pain and she was alone once more, alone to drag her bruised and exhausted body into a shower that didn’t even generate hot water because she might deliberately hurt herself. She was left to deteriorate in a body that was no more hers than the breaths she took. She was left to beg for mercy only to burn in torment again the next day. She was a weed struggling through cracks of concrete, unwanted, undesired, crushed and abused under trampling feet. She would never see the sun. She would never be free. She would always be a solitary candle in the dark, cold without a flame to warm it, forever peering out at the world through a laminated sheet of glass too thick to penetrate. When she died, if she was ever allowed, no one would ever know. She would pass a faded ghost of a girl abandoned by all.

But didn’t she deserve it after what she’d done? Did her kind even belong with the mass populace? How differently would she be treated outside the gilded walls her father built around her? Didn’t people like her belong behind glass and bars, away from normal people? She was a murderer and she was insane — this was hell and she was home.

touching eternityTOUCHING ETERNITY releases December 20!

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Unedited Teaser scene from SHATTER:

Loud scuffling and chattering arouse my attention. I turn to see two guards entering at the far side of the room. Hope blooms in my chest. Ariel’s head bounces up, and her body stiffens as they approach.

“Do you have news about Delaney?” My voice comes out high-pitched and strained.

One of the guards shakes his head. That’s when I notice the other guy with him. He’s tall and muscular with long blond hair. I know instantly that he is one of us. I can see it in his build, his hair, his swagger. As the fleeting question of his gift flies through my mind, I feel a pang of longing. It reminds me of all the times Delaney and I played our silly game making up gifts for random strangers. If she were here right now she’d no doubt want me to predict this guy’s superpower. The thought pierces my heart so hard I almost double over. I miss her so intensely I’m not sure how I’ll continue to survive.

“Who is he?”Ariel breathes.

I glance over at her and furrow my brow at the look of adoration she turns on him. Narrowing my eyes I appraise him again. He’s not that great. I’m as fit as he is.

“I’m your dream come true, baby.” He walks up to Ariel, sweeps her hand up and winks.

She smiles, fluttering her lashes.

Oh, please. Is this guy for real?

“Seriously, who is he?” I turn to the guard who is watching the whole exchange with bemusement. This furthers my irritation since Zerach’s guards are not easily amused. The guy has charisma, I’ll give him that.

“Jax.” He juts out his hand. “You must be Micah.”

I nod as I take his hand in mine. Funny how well it fits. Usually my hand engulfs others.

“And you must be the lovely Ariel.” He turns his attention back to Ariel and her cheeks redden as she nods. Did she lose her ability to speak?

SHATTER releases February 2013!

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser!

  1. Thank you so much for picking Touching Smoke to be part of your Teaser Tuesday, Amber. You’re so wonderful! *hugs* And Shatter sounds incredible! ❤

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