Friday Fun! Battle of the Book Covers!

I kicked off my first segment of Friday Fun last week with one of my favorite topics – Battle of the Book Boyfriends! Swoon! This week I’m going to feature book covers. I know you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, but to be honest I do. I love gorgeous book covers. Sometimes I will buy a book just because of its stunning cover.

There are so many covers I love so please know that this is not a complete representation of the book covers I love. This is just a sampling. Please comment below to tell me which one is your favorite and let me know if there is a book cover you wish were here.

I won’t put my books on the list but I will say that I absolutely love all my covers! I am lucky enough to be blessed with an amazing graphic artist, Lisa Eneqvist and an incredible photographer, Renae Lamb and the best models in the world. My favorite covers of mine are Shatter, Unveil and the special edition of the Prowl Trilogy.

So, check out these amazing covers!

city of lost souls         mayfair moon       

tidal         finale

splintered         rapture

bewitched          in my dream

rob         Riven

 touching smoke

           sneak_peek copy


4 thoughts on “Friday Fun! Battle of the Book Covers!

  1. Of course “Traced” is great! It has so much intrigue suggested.
    But of the others I like “Splintered” and “Touching Smoke”

  2. Eeep! My baby up there with authors like Alivia Anders and Alexia Purdy and Cameo Renea and Cambria Hebert and Megan O’Connell Squires… *faint*

    • Thank you so much for adding me and Touching Smoke up on there, Amber!!! Your books should absolutely be up there as well. They are gorgeous!!! I ❤ you!!!!

  3. I with Airicka on “your books should be up there”Your book covers are gorgeousness! Ok my favs up there are: City of Lost Souls,The Mayfair Moon, Touching Smoke,Riven,and In My Dreams..I still debating my thoughts on Splintered and Bewitched.Splintered is colorful but no quite sold on the whole pic and Bewitched is lovely but I dont like that she looks so sad.

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