Friday Fun – Battle of the Book Boyfriends!

Since much of the week is busy and chaotic, I thought I should bring some life to my Friday posts and lighten the mood as we head into the weekends. When I read a book I love to have a hero I’m rooting for. It’s the same thing when I write a book. The thing I’ve learned though, is that all readers have their own opinion on the hero.While I assume that every girl swoons over the same book boyfriends as me, that’s not actually the case. So, I thought I’d let the book boyfriends battle it out. Let me know what you think by commenting at the bottom of this post.

Who is the Better Book Boyfriend?

What do you think of these two Shadowhunters?

Will Herondale vs. Jace Lightwood (we’ll just use this last name for now) –

While Will fought for Tessa’s heart in Infernal Devices, Jace fell in love with Clary in the Mortal Instruments series. However, both boys are very similar. Both are cocky, witty and have a hard edge. They are both guarded  (Will more so) and both of them are hot and cold. But they are both hot (at least in my mind) and they both are passionate, strong, and protective. I fell for them while reading these books. But I have to go with Jace as the clear winner. Will just pushed Tessa away too much and was really cruel to her at times and it bugged me. So, I’m giving this round to Jace.

Now let’s pit two of my characters against eachother:

Isaac Giovanni vs. Sam Peterson

Isaac stole Kenzie‘s heart in Prowl, and Sam made Delaney fall for him in Dazzle. Both are swoon worthy guys, trust me. Sam has the sexy bad-boy thing going on, while Isaac is your typical boy next door. Both are impossibly good-looking (hey, that’s the upside of writing fictional characters). But Isaac is a good-guy, sometimes too good, I think. At times, he seems too perfect to me. Sam never even pretends to be the good guy. He’s the guy that everyone loves to hate. He walks around with a total chip on his shoulder. However, when he does fall in love he does it with his whole heart. Both boys are fiercely protective of the girls they love. But I think Sam is the winner of this battle, because his love is so much more intense for Delaney, than Isaac’s is for Kenzie. Isaac is just so practical and level-headed. I like that Sam isn’t. He probably isn’t the better choice, but my heart wants to go with Sam, so he wins this round.

What about the Fallen Angels?

Daniel Grigori vs. Patch Cipriano

While Daniel Grigori fell in love with Luce over and over again for centuries in the Fallen series, Patch got underNora’s skin in Hush, Hush. What I love about Patch is his attitude. I can totally picture his sexy, no-nonsense stance and his half smile. But Daniel has the whole good-looking and sweet thing going on.Also, who doesn’t love the idea of a guy who loves a girl for his entire existence, and makes her fall in love with him again and again through all her lifetimes? Both boys would do anything for the girls they love.  But I have to go with Patch on this one, simply because I wouldn’t want to be incinerated by one kiss. So, this round goes to Patch.

What about the forbidden boys in dystopian worlds?

Ky Markham vs. Alex Sheaths

I have to be honest that I am a Xander fan in Matched, but I will try to keep an open mind. Ky is the forbidden boy in Matched and Alex is the forbidden boy in Delirium. However, in Delirium every boy is off-limits until you’ve been cured, but in Matched Ky is specifically off-limits because of his status. I feel bad for Ky, because of how the government has categorized him. And I love that he recites poetry and writes in the sand. He’s very romantic. Alex is too, though. He does sweet things as well. Both are strong and fight for what they believe in. But I have to go with Ky on this one, simply because of where things go in Pandemonium. I won’t give any spoilers – I’ll just keep it at that.

Who would you want by your side in battle?

Peeta vs. Four

This one is difficult, because I love both these boys so much! If I had to go to battle I would want either of these boys by my side. Fou was Tris‘s trainer in Divergent, and Peeta was the boy who goes into the ring with Katniss in Hunger Games. Peeta is sweeter than Four, but Four is tougher. I picture Four to be a lot better looking than Peeta. But I love how sensitive and kind Peeta is. Four is more hard-edged. I’m going to go with Peeta on this one, because in Insurgent, I feel like Four puts the movement ahead of his feelings for Tris.

What about these good boys from dystopian novels?

Joel McBrayer vs. Prince Maxon

Joel was Tessa’s boyfriend in Traced, while Price Maxon was trying to find a wife in The Selection. These are the boys any mom would be glad their daughter brought home. They both come from stable families with money, and they are both good looking and intelligent. Maxon has a little bit of an edge because he’s,well, a prince. But I’m sure that Joel will make something of himself one day. Honestly, I’m going to go with Joel on this one, because I would hate the scrutiny of being royalty.

Sound off on your thoughts in the comments below. Also, let me know if there’s a book boyfriend you wish were on the list and how you would rate them. 😉


5 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Battle of the Book Boyfriends!

  1. this is a fun post! I gotta admit I haven’t read all these steamy boys but Peeta vs Four is a rought choice! I meant Peeta is great but Four has all those powers… i think he might be more handy in a fight! LOL.

  2. Love all the characters you posted about here, but I’m only familiar with a few of them 🙂 I prefer Peeta to Four because he’s a stand up guy who is willing to give his life for Katniss. Four is incredible, but I thought he was too rough on Tris (even though it was appropriate for the story). How about a match between Lord Ranulf in The Merchant’s Daughter vs. Lord Hamlin in The Healer’s Apprentice? (both by Melanie Dickerson) Lord Hamlin has less issues to deal with since he’s younger, but both are honorable men who are devoted to their beloved.
    Great post, Amber! Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. I agree with Jace,Patch and Sam but I would pick Four over Peeta..I fell in love with four from the time Tris met him. The other two bot battles I can’t comment on because I haven’t read those books. Jace is one my main fictional boyfriends 😉 I love his wittiness and his relationship with Clary,I just wish they would finally be together without something getting in between them for goodness sakes! I liked Daniel until book 3,I just got lost in all that life after life of finding each other and then losing each other. Patch may have started out as a bad boy out to harm Nora but he fell in love with her and gave up everything to be with her. Ok so I have a thing for bad boys I thats why I like Sam over Isaac too.I guess its because I always fell for those bad boys and still haven’t found a good one to keep,the good ones are few and far between.

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