The Voices in my Head Have Taken Over…

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about me and what’s happening with my writing. Lately, my blog has been working overtime on cover reveals, teasers, polls, and other book related stuff. But I’d like to stop for a minute and just connect with you and tell you what’s on my heart and where I’m planning to go in the next few months.

It’s so weird to think that it was only ten months ago when I published my first book (Prowl). I have published five books since then (if you count the Prowl Trilogy special edition set). And things have been pretty crazy! I’m happy with how things are going, though, and I’m starting to really get the hang of this whole this author thing.

I released the first book in my new series, Dazzle in October. Since then I’ve been working hard on the second book, Shatter. I have had a little detour as I’ve just finished writing out my grandpa’s life story. I plan to give it as a gift to him for Christmas so that has taken precedence over Shatter at the moment. But it’s been a story that has been in the making for years, and it will be amazing to give it to him. Now that I’m done with that, I have jumped right back into Shatter.

However, I also have another story brewing in my mind. It’s a single title – upper YA contemporary romance. The two main characters – Ivy and Asher – have been clamoring for my attention and at times their voices are louder than Sam and Delaney’s (from Shatter). I still don’t know what this other book will be called but I’m playing around with titles and tentatively calling it Falling to Pieces.

So, I’m doing the only thing I can. I’m working on both stories simultaneously. It’s not the first time I’ve done this. I worked on Engraved quite a bit while I wrote Prowl.

It is crazy, but also super fun. I plan to release Shatter at the end of February 2013, and I plan to release Falling to Pieces some time in the Spring of 2013. I will let you know more as it gets closer. For those of you who love the Delaney’s Gift series, don’t worry, I’m continuing with it. Once I get this new story out of my head, I will continue on with Delaney’s story as I finish the series with Betray and Awaken, and a spin-off novella about Jax and Zoe (characters you will meet in Shatter).

So, there is a lot on the horizon. Thanks to all of you who read my work and love it!! I do all this for you (well, and to appease the characters who live in my mind).


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