Tuesday Teaser!

Today I have a teaser from Disarming: Reign of Blood #2 by Alexia Purdy!

But first here is a little teaser from SHATTER: Delaney’s Gift #2

Unedited scene from Sam’s POV:

Before Delaney can get up, I reach out and grab her arm. I feel her stiffen beneath my touch.

“Delaney, please.” The words come out a little easier now that my throat isn’t so dry. “Let me explain.”

“No,” she cuts me off, her voice harsh. “There’s nothing to explain. I know what happened.”

“But you don’t. Delaney, I–” a cough breaks through my words.

“That’s enough. We shouldn’t talk right now. You’ve been injured.”

“It was worth it to be with you.”

She narrows her eyes and looks away, but not before I notice the painful look on her face. She won’t easily forgive me, I can tell. One act of bravery – or stupidity if you want to see it that way – isn’t going to change anything.

“I mean it,” I press. “I would endure any kind of pain or torture just to spend a few moments with you, just to make sure you’re okay. I’ve been sick with worry since that night.”

“Oh, you mean the night you betrayed me?” Her eyes flash.

I slink back from her words.

Now 2 teasers from Disarming!!! I can’t wait until this book comes out!!

Disarming (Reign of Blood #2)

Testing out my fingers, I slowly curled them into my palms, making sure it wasn’t obvious enough for Miss Dictatorship to notice. If I could gain control of my body before getting thrown into the cell, maybe I’d have a chance against whatever was lurking in there. The sedative was strong and made me question what sort of heaping dose they had given me. I hoped I would get a separate cell and discover they had been joking all along. Come on body, wake up! “No, not that one! Put her in the cell with him.” The woman’s voice hissed. She sounded upset but I was pretty sure it wasn’t completely my fault. “I brought you a little snack.” This was not going to be pleasant.

Disarming (Reign of Blood #2) Teaser #2 Rye & April

In the distance, the snarls and moans of the feral vampires filled the air as they descended from their daylight tombs. It sent a different kind of shiver down my spine as I concentrated on breathing deeply, attempting to slow my frantic heartbeat down. It was unnerving, sleeping in the middle of the city, surrounded by fangs and death. I hated this and doubted I would get much sleep tonight, if any. I’d just have to do without. “Going to be a long night, try to sleep some.” Rye’s voice was soft, but it did nothing to soothe my nerves. The chair creaked with his weight as he came to sit near me.



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