Tuesday Teaser!

Today marks my first Tuesday Teaser segment on my blog. Every Tuesday I will be posting teasers. Sometimes they will be mine, but I will also feature teasers from other authors’ current works in progress and newly released titles. If you are an author and would like to be included please let me know. Enjoy!

Unedited scene from SHATTER, book 2 in Delaney’s Gift Series:

“Delaney,” he says my name like a prayer. A bloodied hand stretches out to me.

I bite my lip and stay still. Tears gather in my eyes.

“Delaney,” Sam repeats. Hearing him say my name cuts through my heart. All I want to do is rush to him and take his broken body in my arms, but I don’t. “I’m sorry.” His voice is ragged and choppy, full of emotion I don’t want to hear.

From the Prowl Trilogy, the last scene of Entice from Isaac’s perspecitve. Check back in a couple of weeks to read it from Tanner’s:

Isaac’s perspective

As I neared Kenzie’s house my palms clammed up. I could hardly wait to see her reaction when I surprised her. Earlier I’d contemplated calling her, but I figured showing up unexpectedly would be part of the fun. She seemed so sad last time I talked with her. Clearly she was bummed that we wouldn’t be together for the holidays. I was sure she would be overjoyed when I showed up.

I turned the corner and pulled on to Kenzie’s street, my heart pounding in my chest. I missed her so much. It would feel so good to hold her in my arms again, to kiss her lips. Besides, not that I wanted to admit it, but I was a little worried about her spending all her time with that other dude. I knew long distance relationships were hard, and I was determined to make ours work. Spending some time together would rekindle what we had and hopefully keep the other guy away.

I scoured the street numbers on the houses, searching for Kenzie’s. Not that I needed the numbers. She was standing outside. A smile almost broke out on my face, but then I sucked in a breath. She wasn’t alone. She was with another guy. My stomach tightened. I was sure it was him. Tanner. The one she’d spent all her time with lately. Jealousy reared its ugly head. It was an emotion I wasn’t entirely familiar with and I didn’t like it. As I pulled my car up to the curb in front of her house, I kept my gaze on the two of them. They didn’t even notice me.

It was as if they were the only two people in the world, the way they stared into each other’s eyes so intensely. His hand was on her cheek, and anger boiled inside of me. How dare he touch her? Didn’t he realize she had a boyfriend?

I opened the door and stepped out of the car, reaching for my duffle bag. When I turned to face them, I gasped in horror. They looked like they were about to kiss.

Kenzie saw me first, her eyes widening. “W-w-what are you doing here?” she asked.

Her reaction stung. Not quite what I had been hoping for. “I came to surprise you. But I guess I’m the one who’s surprised.” I dropped the gym bag and stared hard at my feet. I felt angry, embarrassed and betrayed. I wished I’d never came.

Kenzie stepped away from Tanner and toward me. “It’s not what it looks like,” she said.

“It’s not?” Tanner asked.

Kenzie threw him a sharp look. Irritation rose in me at his reaction. What a jerk. Then again, I couldn’t exactly pin the whole thing on him, could I?

“What is it then, Kenzie?” I asked, hoping she’d have some explanation that would make this whole thing go away.

“Hey, be easy on her, okay,” Tanner said. “She’s had a rough night.”

As if I needed him to defend her against me? The whole thing was laughable. But then I glanced over at Kenzie and saw what my anger had kept me from seeing before. Clearly she’d had a rough night. Her eyes drooped and were ringed in red, her face unnaturally pale.

Why hadn’t she told me what was going on? I turned to Tanner. “I had no idea. Apparently, you’re the one she’s confiding in now.”

“That’s not true,” Kenzie said., desperation in her voice. “I called you before calling Tanner but you didn’t pick up.”

“You called him first?” Tanner’s face fell.

I felt bad about the triumphant feeling that stirred in me upon seeing his reaction. “I was probably on my way here. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you.” I wanted to take her in my arms, but I just couldn’t do it. Instead, I shoved my hands deep in my pockets.

“Well, that’s how it’s been for the past three months. Kenzie’s been through a lot and you weren’t around,” Tanner said to me. “I was.”

“It’s not because I didn’t want to. Man, believe me. I wanted nothing more. But I don’t live here.”

“Well, she needed someone who could be here for her,” Tanner countered.

I groaned, completely disgusted with this guy. Did he really think that just because I didn’t live here that justified him hitting on  Kenzie?  “I can’t believe I was actually glad she had you looking out for her, man.” I shook my head. “I mean, seriously, what kind of guy hits on another guy’s girlfriend?”

“It wasn’t like that. We were just friends. I didn’t mean for it to turn into anything more. But then I fell in love with her. I wasn’t trying to.”

His words felt like a punch in the gut.  I ran a hand over my face. “What?” I looked up at Kenzie, searching her eyes for an answer. This had gone a lot farther than I ever imagined. When I first walked up I thought maybe they’d just gotten caught up in an emotional moment. But he loved her? Clearly this was deeper than just a slip up.

Kenzie appeared bewildered. She just stood frozen in place in the middle of the yard, her mouth gaping. Despite how ragged she appeared she was still so beautiful. It tugged at my heart. Not for the first time, I wished this had all gone differently.

“Kenzie,” I finally asked, “do you love him too?”

I expected her to immediately deny it. I mean, she’d been assuring me for months that they were just friends. Could she have been lying the whole time? Instead, she stared at her feet, biting her lip. My heart squeezed. “I see.”

She rushed toward me. “No. Isaac, you don’t understand.”  Her arms stretched out to me, her fingers almost grazing my arm, but then she lowered them. I longed to feel her touch, to wrap her in my arms, but everything was spiraling out of control.

Kenzie’s voice was barely above a whisper when she spoke. “I love you, Isaac. I do. That hasn’t changed. It’s just that Tanner and I have spent a lot of time together and we’ve been through a lot.” She looked back at Tanner, and I felt sick when I saw the tender look she gave him. I wanted to punch that expectant look right off his face. “I care about him.” When she faced me again, I swallowed hard. “I care about both of you.”

I sighed. My heart just couldn’t take anymore of the back and forth. This needed to end now. “You can’t have us both.”

“He’s right,” Tanner chimed in. “You have to choose.”

Kenzie bit her lip and stared into my eyes. I saw the love she felt for me in them, but I also saw an uncertainty that was never there before.

“Kenzie?” Tanner asked, drawing her gaze away from me. Her head swiveled in his direction and it killed me. I didn’t know what I would do if she chose him. It would break my heart.

“Kenzie?” I asked, practically pleading. When she turned toward me, I knew she had made her decision. I could see it in her eyes.

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