My first cover photo shoot!

For my last four covers I’ve used stock photos. My extremely talented graphic artist, Lisa Eneqvist, designed all the covers for the Prowl Trilogy as well as the cover for Engraved. I absolutely adore my covers! They have been exaclty what I wanted and I get compliments on them all the time! I’m so grateful to Lisa!

For the Delaney’s Gift series I wanted to go in another direction though. I had this vision in my head of my main character Delaney and I wanted to capture her look on my covers. But I didn’t want to pull a stock photo because I really wanted the pictures to be unique.

I wanted them to be of Delaney. Obviously, I know that Delaney isn’t real (well, most of the time, anyway – she is very real to me), so I had to find someone who looked much like what I envision Delaney to look like. Enter Brittnay Norris – an incredibly gorgeous and talented model – who looks strikingly similar to Delaney (imagine that). Also, I am lucky enough to have a super talented photographer friend, Renae Lamb. Put the two of them together and I knew I would have “cover magic.”

Now, I still have the task of weeding through all the amazing pictures and choosing the ones for the series. Stay tuned…because I may ask my fans for help with this. For now, enjoy a behind the scenes look at the making of the Delaney’s Gift series covers!


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