The trilogy is complete!

I am struggling with mixed feelings about having the PROWL trilogy completed. A part of me feels a sense of acccomplishment, while another part of me misses Kenzie, Tanner and Isaac. So, to combat that I am moving full speed ahead with my new YA series to release in the fall. I really think my readers will enjoy what I am cooking up next! Also, my single title suspense novel will release soon so that will keep me busy as well. For now though, order your copy of UNVEIL! I hope you like the way Kenzie’s story wraps up….

Click here to order the paperback version of UNVEIL at Amazon!


One thought on “The trilogy is complete!

  1. hi amber, i haven’t had the privilege of reading your work yet but look forward to it someday soon, i hope. and remember, you can always bring back your characters in a different story expanding the world they live in in the first story…
    also, my daughter, now 19 is a great writer and reads tuns of books.. i am moving back to portland shortly to be near her and wondered what i can do to really encourage her to keep pursuing her dream of being a writer. she wants to go to ireland and study folk writing for a year, but the money is short….
    congrats on your success…
    april spears

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