$.99 only? Really?

When ebooks first started taking off I couldn’t imagine that I would ever get excited about them. I have always loved holding a book in my hand. I love the feel, the smell, the look.  So, the thought of reading a book on an electronic device was not appealing to me. But then I got my iphone. And now I can download a book in a matter of seconds. I actually love it. In fact, I read the whole “Hunger Games” because a friend of mine loaned them to me on my kindle. How awesome is that? Not only is it fast but usually the books are more affordable too. All of this to let you know that ENTICE is now available on Kindle. The ebook is only 2.99 and PROWL is only .99 on kindle. Such a deal! So, spread the word and let all of your friends and family members know : you can get the first two books in the trilogy for just $4 and it will be delivered to you within seconds without ever leaving your house!

Click this link to buy ENTICE on Kindle

Click here to buy PROWL on Kindle

Thanks for your support! Happy reading!


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