Sneak Peek Sunday #2: It’s your turn to be the author!

I love to be surprised when I’m reading. I love when a character does something unexpected, or the plot goes in a direction I wasn’t anticipating. Many of my readers are shocked to find out that I get surprised while writing my novels. I always start a book with a carefully constructed outline. Only my characters don’t always behave the way they should and oftentimes they do something unexpected. When this happens, I have to be flexible enough to roll with it.
On Friday night, I finished writing ENTICE. Now my editors have it and I’m waiting on their feedback. This is the time I should be starting work on UNVEIL. My issue is that I don’t know where to start. I had an outline written, but now I don’t think that outline will work because something unexpected happened in my writing of ENTICE that changed things.
ENTICE ends mid-scene. We resume in book 3 where book 2 leaves off. Only one of my characters surprised me at the end of ENTICE and now I’m not so sure how that scene ends.
So, I’m calling on my readers for help. For the first two weeks after ENTICE is released, I’m taking suggestions for how that scene should end. After you read the book you will understand exactly the question I am asking you. I just can’t spell it out here because I don’t want to give away anything. You can email me at to give me your suggestions. I promise to take every suggestion into account.
I will remind you of this contest when I announce the book’s release. Good luck to you!


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