A Shout Out to my Beta Readers!

Writing a fiction novel is an interesting experience for me. I create characters with flaws, quirks, good qualities,  histories, pasts, families, relationships. Then I make up a plot, throw my cast of crazy characters into it and let them play. Sometimes my characters do exactly what I tell them and other times they discover a path I didn’t even know existed. The truth is that’s my favorite – when my characters take on a life of their own and I just follow along, getting surprised at every turn. My family and friends think it’s crazy. I think it’s super fun.

The problem with writing a novel is that I know everything about my book. I have pages of back story on every character – things that never even make it into the book. I have plotlines outlined carefully on paper and other ones cemented into my brain.  So once my rough draft is finished, I have a really hard time revising and changing it to work on the second draft. It’s hard to find holes and discrepencies because oftentimes my knowledge blocks me from being able to see it. That’s where my beta readers come in.

I’m so grateful to my beta readers this time around: Amy Flores, Jaime Major, Linda Andersen, Carol McCloskey, Lisa Robertson and my mom. Each one of these amazing women knows how much I want this book to get published so they heeded my advice to not hold back on their critique. Each one of them have given me incredible insights into what worked and what didn’t, where to add or take out and what they wanted to see more or less of. I’ve been working on the book with their critique’s in mind and I’m so excited to see the way the book is shaping up.

I only hope that soon I can thank them in the acknowledgement’s page in my published book….


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