New Character Lives in my Home

I’ve chosen the character of my new book and she lives in my home. Okay, okay, the truth is that all my characters live in my home. Ask my husband. The difference is that this one lives outside of my mind. Let me explain. I just finished the rough draft of my suspense novel and while it cools in the hands of my beta readers I needed to start work on another fiction project.

I have a premise ready for another suspense novel and have already sketched out a loose outline and typed out the first couple paragraphs. But I was itching to write something lighter….take a little detour, if for nothing else than a little fun, before diving into another intense book.

That’s when an opportunity provided itself. My eight year old daughter started talking to me about her books. Out of my two children Kayleen isn’t my avid reader. That would be my son Eli who reads anything and everything he can get his hands on. Kayleen has trouble getting into a book. So since the love of reading is so important to me I decided to try to find some books I thought she’d like. Then another idea struck. What if I wrote a book for her?

So that’s why I am now writing a chapter book about a girl who is suspiciously like my daughter. She even talks like her and says a lot of the same things (how shocking).  And truly I couldn’t make up a better character. Kayleen is funny and precocious and says things funnier and more witty than I could ever make up. And luckily the writer in me has captured most of her sayings on paper (well, in my computer but same diff). I’m not sure if I’ll do anything with this book other than let my kids read it but it will still be fun to write it. And who knows? If it’s good enough I may decide to throw it out ino the awful scary world of publishing. We’ll see….


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