A tribute to my fan club

I know what you’re thinking. Amber has a fan club? Sweet. How do I join? Okay, okay, I know you’re really wondering how I have a fan club without having a novel published. Simple. God has blessed me with supportive family members who encourage me to keep going.
Last week we went on a family vacation which was awesome. I also got hit with two writing blows which weren’t so awesome. I lost a contest with a short story of mine and got a rejection on one of my manuscripts. The worst part was that I really believed the manuscript would get accepted. I don’t normally let my mind go there – usually I assume I will get rejected so that way I won’t be dissapointed when I do. However, this time the publisher loved my partial which gave me hope that she’d love all of it. To make matters worse the rejection was super nice. I know that seems odd, huh? Why would I want a mean rejection? I don’t but when I get one that praises the manuscript and tells me it has great potential it leaves me wondering what went wrong. This is the third rejection on this particular manuscript that has been this way. Publishers like it but there is always something about it that turns them off. The problem is that they can never pinpoint the problem for me. And clearly neither can I.

Anyway, I was super dissapointed and truly felt like giving up. Thankfully I have a husband who won’t let me do that. I am so lucky to have Andrew. For years he has done everything he can to help me realize my dream. He takes the kids so I can write, he pays for conferences and contests and constantly tells me he believes I will get published. I’d be remiss to not mention my kids, my mom and dad, my step-mom and my father-in-law. All huge fans and supporters of my dream.

Without all of you I wouldn’t keep traveling down this painful journey and I wouldn’t believe I could reach my goal. I just didn’t want to wait until then to say thank you…..


One thought on “A tribute to my fan club

  1. Hi, Amber. I’m sorry about the rejections. But if an agent or publisher is not telling you why s/he is rejecting it, then s/he probably doesn’t think the writing is up to par and is too polite to say so. It could be, of course, that it simply doesn’t suit her for a variety of reasons, but if it’s not what she’s looking for, she would probably say so.

    I assume this is a novel manuscript, and I’m wondering why you are sending it directly to a publisher rather than to an agent.

    In any case, please don’t give up. I am going down this road myself. Although I have sold two short stories, I am still looking for an agent for my first novel while I write my second one. And like you, I have a very supportive spouse.


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