Suspense wins out for 2011!

On New Year’s Day my family shared their resolutions around the dinner table. When I shared that mine was to get one of my novels published, my son responded, “Wasn’t that your resolution last year too?” After shooting him the evil eye I had to admit that yes, that’s been my resolution for many years now. As I shared in my last blog entry I’ve changed my game plan this year. I’ve decided to focus a lot of effort on contests. My thinking behind this was to get some helpful critiques and get my name out there.

One contest I participated in was an opening hook contest where I entered the first five pages of my suspense novel, “Child of Mine.” The main reason I wanted to enter this one was because the judge was Tom Colgan of Penguin books. I knew this would be the only way I’d ever get him to read a sampling of my work.

Last Tuesday I got an email with the results of the contest and I got first place!!! I am still waiting for my critique and my check. But my name is posted at the Writer’s Matrix website and the high I feel from the win still hasn’t worn off. 

Now I am more convinced than ever that 2011 will be my year. Thanks for supporting me in my journey. I’ll keep you posted….

If you’re interested in the link to Writer’s Matrix it’s below:


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