Another year’s over….

I’ve been actively writing and seeking publication for six years now and every year that passes without a book contract is depressing. Don’t get me wrong – there have been other milestones – my first story to be published, my first contest I placed in, when I obtained an agent. However, there have also been detours – when I had to fire my agent, the many rejections, not placing in contests. At the end of every year, after all the writing highs and lows, I drum up some enthusiasm and declare that the next year will be my year! Well, guess what? I’m doing that again….with a slight difference.

In 2011 I’m changing my game plan. On my last blog entry I explained that I’ve begun to enter many contests with my novels. The winners of two of the contests will be anounced in the next two weeks! I can’t wait to see if I’ve placed. I think contests are a great way to get my name out there and will continue to enter them, but I’ve decided to broaden my scope a little and add in short stories. In the past I haven’t focused much on short stories because I really enjoy writing novels, but I feel like if I can get some short stories published I can get my writing in the hands of publishers and agents. I’m starting my new plan this week by submitting a short story to Glimmer Train magazine for their December Fiction Open contest. I pray it does well and feel like it has a fighting chance. I wrote it about a month ago and have spent the last month perfecting it.

So armed with my new game plan, dozens of story ideas, six finished novels and one half-written novel, I pray that 2011 really will be my year! Who’s with me?


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