Time for a Manuscript Makeover!

I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on my blog but in the last month I had to make a very difficult decision regarding my writing. No, don’t worry. I’m not throwing in the towel. Believe me, it’s crossed my mind but honestly writing is like breathing to me. I’ll never be finished. A few months back I submitteed my novel, “Engraved” to a Christian Novel Contest. For those of you who are new to my blog, “Engraved” is a total labor of love. One I’ve worked on for almost three years now in one way or another. This manuscript is also very personal – it’s my story fictionalized. I’ve often said that in writing the manuscript I felt like I broke open my heart and spilled it across the page. It’s a story of gratitude and love to my Father who rescued me from a life of addiction and destruction.

Well, to make a long story short my novel was cut in the first round. Pretty tough stuff. I received feedback from the panel of judges and it was unanimous in that the issue with the manuscript wasn’t my writing (thank goodness) but the plot. In a nutshell they thought it was “cheesy.” They’re words were much more professional than that, but that was the gist. Christian fiction is moving from tender redemptive stories  into entertaining cross-over books like Ted Dekker’s. I understand that as I am a huge fan of his books as well as other Christian authors who tell an entertaining story with a subtle message. While it’s imperative to have a message to share, the story has to be of primary importance.

This is where my big decision came in. Do I want to write fiction or do I want to tell my story? Well, I’m not interested in writing a memoir. I know that. So, that means that “Engraved” needed to undergo a makeover. In the end that makeover is looking like I can only preserve about half of what I have written and use it in an entirely new plot. While the decision was difficult, I’m very excited by the new direction of the book, which is now titled, “Child of Mine” and is a suspense/mystery.

On another note, I’ve begun querying agents and publishers with my young adult thriller, “Prowl.” Pray that it garners attention from editors and agents.

Thanks for following me on this exciting yet often painful journey. Until next time….


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