Kids, husband, work, facebook, blogs, email…what do all these things have in common? They are distractions from my writing.

Not that they’re all bad. I would rather spend an hour with my daughter painting her fingernails and hearing the latest drama playing out with her group of second grade girlfriends than sit alone in front of my computer and write. Or play a board game with my son and find out what he’s struggling with as a ten-year-old boy on the cusp of adolescence. Or sit outside with my husband enjoying a glass of red wine and real conversation. All of these things need to take precedence over my writing.

However, as my life gets busier my time to write gets smaller and smaller until it’s so miniscule I can barely see it. As that happens the tiny windows of time that I have to write aren’t very productive.

For instance, this weekend my husband was away at the men’s retreat for our church and I thought I would have oodles of time to write. I am working on getting my latest manuscript, “The American Dream” ready to send to Cheryl. The novel was finished months ago – all I have to do is flesh it out, add more meat and descriptions. I have been working on it for countless months and it’s still not ready…ugh…Anyway, the bottom line is I never worked on it this weekend. I spent Friday night with my girlfriends and yesterday I played with Kayleen (my daughter) all day. It was such a sweet time I didn’t want to spoil it. Then last night I thought I’d write after the kids went to bed, but I was too tired so instead I laid in bed and read. 

I need to find a balance. A time to write when I don’t feel I’m being pulled away from important moments. My son will never be ten again, my daughter will never be seven again and my marriage will be nonexistent if I don’t prioritize it. If I ignore my family to write, one day I’ll turn from the computer screen and find that I’m all alone.

So, what is the solution? Well, I think it’s just to focus when I can. Not let other distractions – like facebook and email get in the way. When I do have moments to write I need to clear my head and pray. Most importantly I need to have faith in God that He will help me get the words on the page. Maybe this struggle I’m facing is spiritual and I need to combat it as such.

You may wonder why I’m blogging instead of writing and I’m wondering the same thing….so I’m off to write in the few moments I have before going to my son’s baseball game. 

Good-bye for now. Hopefully when we meet again I will have great news to share…..


2 thoughts on “Distractions

  1. i can totally relate to this! I hate that i’m always thinking about doing something other than what I’m actually doing. Hanging out with kids/thinking about cleaning house, spending time with hubby/thinking about to-do list for tomorrow, writing something hilarious!/thinking about how bummed hubby will be when he see’s that instead of making dinner i wrote all afternoon…

    i’m so excited for where you are in the book process!! thanks for keeping us filled in!!

  2. Jamie –
    Thanks for reading my blog….I appreciate it.
    I’m glad you could relate…I’ll keep you posted on what happens.

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