Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You…

I chose to name this post by quoting a line from a song which was sung in the musical, “The King and I.” I feel like this adequately describes my life the last couple of weeks both in my writing and in my social life.

I’ll start with my writing. After entering a partnership with Cheryl, I began editting my novel, “Engraved” based on the suggestions she gave me. One of the things we spoke about was adding….more descriptions, more characterization, more sensory details. I jumped in with both feet. First, I read through the entire manuscript again marking it up with areas that I felt were lacking important details or descriptions. One thing I found was that some of the characters were just lacking depth. I needed more emotion, more understanding, more knowledge of these characters. As I thought about this I realized that these were the characters I knew the least. So I started by getting to know them better. I spent time writing back story and history for them, thinking about them, gaining a more in depth understanding of them. Only then did I realize that I’d been jipping them and the reader all along by not delving into them sooner. Now the story is taking shape in a way it hadn’t before. Each character is coming alive, jumping off the page. They are real to me now and I suspect more real to the reader. I’m very excited about the way the story is turning out….

In my personal life, I have been making some new friends. My husband and I joined a couple’s study a few months ago and some of the ladies and I have been forming wonderful friendships. Over the last month or so I’ve been spending a lot of time with them and it’s meant a lot to me. I feel they are real friendships where I can share openly about my life, struggles, and God. There’s nothing more intimate than a God ordained friendship. It has been a very sweet time in my life and I praise God for it.  Truthfully the writing can be tough and lonely at times – and particularly in this novel where I have to pull experiences from a dark and painful time in my life – and I thank my Heavenly Father for surrounding me with support and friendship. He always knows what I need and when I need it. Imagine that, huh?

I hope to be finished with my rewrites in the next couple of days as I only have a couple chapters left to go through.  Then my plan is to pull back out “The American Dream” and do the same thing with it.  When I left it, it still needed some work. After that is finished I’m excited to start my next novel. It’s been taking shape in my mind for a couple of months and the characters are ones I’m very anxious to get to know…


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