The Call

For the past five years I’ve imagined what it would be like when I got “the call.” Would I tremble with excitement, scream until my vocal chords went out, jump up and down like a kid on a sugar high?

The first time I encountered a moment like this was during my first year of writing. I placed in a Writer’s Digest competition. My short story was only one of five to be chosen out of hundreds. I remember distinctly that I jumped up and down and screamed. My kids also remember that day with extreme clarity (and bring it up often). I suppose it’s not everyday a child sees their mom acting more immature than them.

The next time I experienced this excitement was the first time an agent called me about my manuscript. I remember my whole body shook through the entire conversation. So, I guess through the years I’ve done all  three  of the scenarios I mentioned earlier.

Funny how when I actually received “the call” I did none of those things. Maybe it’s because I’d already done them.

This week, Cheryl Ferguson of the Ferguson Literary Agency called me about my manuscript “Engraved.” This is not my first conversation with Cheryl.  She was also the agent I mentioned earlier – the first agent to ever call me. We’ve spoken many times over the years. She’s read several of my novels and helped me to edit my first one. Cheryl is a wonderful person with an infectious passion. I’ve always enjoyed my conversations with her.

However, this week our conversation went a little differently. Because this was the first time she offered me representation!

I got off the phone with her and felt sort of numb. Shock maybe? Whatever it was it took me a couple of days to resurface from out of a fog.

I think perhaps the enormity of the situation hit me. The realization that getting my novels published may soon become a reality rather than just a fantasy.

Now I’m just awaiting the contract. I’m excited about where this journey will lead.

I will keep you posted…..


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