Have you ever wanted something so badly you don’t know how to react when it happens? Almost like you’re in shock, or you don’t believe it?

That’s exactly how I felt about a month ago. I came home from work to find an envelope addressed to me in my mailbox. My gaze flitted over to the return address and saw it was from Chicken Soup for the Soul. I knew immediately what the letter was about. A month or so before I had submitted a short story to them for their “Tough Times: Tough People” compilation.

Assuming it was a rejection letter I contemplated throwing it away but instead ended up tossing it on the dining table with the other mail.  Awhile later I passed the table and felt the letter’s pull like a magnet. I found myself opening it out of nothing more than morbid curiosity. When my eyes connected with the first words “Congratulations” I almost dropped the paper.  I could hardly believe it. Never once in the last five years of submitting short stories and novels have I received a letter with the words “Congratulations” in them.

A little shocked, I called my husband who in turn sounded shocked. Eventually excitement overtook me, but in the back of my mind was a nagging doubt. Maybe it still wouldn’t happen…maybe I’d get my hopes up and they’d cut my story at the last minute.  I had a hard time  believing my story would actually end up in print. It was something I’ve dreamed of for so long I couldn’t grasp the concept that I’d made it! That I’d finally succeeded.

A couple of weeks ago I received another letter from Chicken Soup which laid to rest any doubts I had. I’m now positive my story will come out in their book on June 16, 2009.

Now that I’m technically a published author my only question is, do I need to change the name of my blog?


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