The title of my recent book comes from Isaiah 49:16 – See I have your name engraved on the palm of my hand….

What does it mean to have your name engraved on God’s hand? To me, it’s simple. No matter what we do, regardless of how awful it is, God never lets go of us. He pursues us with a passion, drawing us to his side.

“Engraved” follows the Thompson family as they learn this important lesson. Each member of the family is struggling with something that is keeping them from believing that God truly loves and accepts them.

I can relate to these characters as I was once in their shoes, as I suspect many of us have been. I love to share stories of God’s great love for us, because I believe that in order to enter into great intimacy with our heavenly father we have to grasp this concept. We have to understand beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are fiercely and unconditionally loved by the God who created us.


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